How to install Debian remotely

It is possible to install Debian over network with a little help of another person in remote location. I performed it only once and it was some time ago, but the whole procedure is quite easy and straightforward.

How to clear up pending resync on RAID array

I have already wrote a couple of posts about software RAID setup and recovery. Today I will briefly describe how to switch array to read-write state and begin resync process.

Debian Jessie and a little change during installation process

There was an interesting change in the tasksel announced on the October 5th, 2014, as it provides an opportunity to choose desktop environment during installation process.

Where to download Debian minimal CD?

I am used to install Debian using minimal CD, however, I always forget to download it in advance, so I need to take a note and store its location here for further reference.

How to configure software RAID1 during installation process

Recently I needed to setup software RAID1 during Debian installation process. As it turned out, this process was simpler then I initially expected. I will shortly describe it here using screen-shots captured during initial tests.