How to install and configure external dashboard for Icinga2

Install and configure Dashing with Icinga 2 to use the external board for your Icinga2 instance.

How to upgrade icinga2 and its web-interface

Upgrade icinga2 and its web-interface using official/dedicated repository and PostgreSQL database.

How to monitor SSL certificates using icinga2

Create custom data field to define multiple domain names and service apply rule to verify those SSL certificates.

How to setup icinga2 master-satellite-client using director module

Icinga2 documentation clearly describes the master->satellite->client setup, but as of now everything can be configured using director module and top down approach, so you can easily monitor external remote networks that are not accessible from the master server.

How to add your first host using icinga2 director

Add your first host using icinga2 director after performing clean installation as I have described earlier this month – icinga2 plus icingaweb2 and director module installation procedure.

How to install director module for icingaweb2

Icinga is a great monitoring solution, especially when you use director module to perform configuration in top down environment. It makes application more accessible to more people as you can use web-interface and role based permissions to allow developers and testers to write and use their own checks and notifications.

How to install icinga2 and icingaweb2

Install Icinga 2 monitoring instance with web-interface.