ISPConfig 3 – Roundcube for everyone!

Create new website in ISPConfig and install Roundcube.

Viridian – python based front-end for an Ampache

A couple of days ago I started using Viridian as the front-end for an Ampache and I am very pleased with it.

Web-based media manager that suits me best – Ampache

I was testing a couple of solutions (as I posted earlier) to find a web-based media manager that suits me best. It took four days but finally, I decided to use one.

Small proxy for enhanced security, privacy and ads filtering

I prefer to use a small netbook over a desktop pc for light web browsing at home. It’s very comfortable but I need something to filter out advertisements.

Bootable CD with over hundred of useful tools

Today I was preparing a custom image again as I don’t remember where I put it last time.

Web based media manager

I am searching for a web-based media manager to organize my small music collection so it is the best time to evaluate possible solutions.

How to reset local user password on Windows?

To reset local user password on Windows you need Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.

Installing LibreOffice in Ubuntu

Install LibreOffice in Ubuntu.

Linux-like environment for Windows

Two days ago my friend posted about his chosen Linux-like environment for Windows.

HTTPS Everywhere

Checkout HTTPS Everywhere (Firefox and Chrome extension) to automatically rewrite your requests to use HTTPS protocol.