How to recover deleted photos

Recover deleted photos from SD card.


How to open Firefox bookmark backup files

For reasons incomprehensible to me, Firefox is using non standard jsonlz4 file format to store bookmark backups. You can forget about standard console based utilities to extract its contents as I have already tried this without any success. It is a huge let down.


How to replace failed software RAID device

I had an unexpected incident last week as one of the hard disks in my server failed. This device was a part of a software RAID mirror, which created an opportunity to describe the whole process.


How to create bootable recovery USB Flash Drive

If you ever wanted to create bootable recovery USB Flash Drive then I have good news for you as it can be achieved in several simple steps using Clonezilla Live CD, external USB Hard Drive, and a target USB Flash Drive.

How to mount software RAID1 member using mdadm

Just a moment ago I connected my old hard drive and realized that it was a RAID member.

How to convert RAW image to VDI and otherwise

VirtualBox command-line interface (VBoxManage) provides an easy way to convert the raw disk image to the VDI/VMDK format and otherwise.