CentOS 6.2, phpMyAdmin, Apache 2.2 – Segmentation fault (11)

Today I installed phpMyAdmin on fresh CentOS 6.2 (with EPEL repository) and it was not working. Looking at Apache logs revealed only notice: [notice] child pid 41292 exit signal Segmentation fault (11) My Apache and PHP versions: $ httpd -v Server version: Apache/2.2.15 (Unix) Server built: Dec 8 2011 18:07:26 $ php -v PHP 5.3.3 […]


ASUS 1005HA – ACPI and CPU fan failure

I am using ASUS 1005HA for light web browsing, but recently I experienced CPU fan failure. It’s hard to get a new fan when most people celebrate Christmas. Hopefully, there is a solution that will give me some time.

Disable WordPress post revisions

I always forget to disable post revisions on fresh WordPress installation so I need to write it down.

CentOS/ISPConfig – Easy Postfix upgrade (with MySQL support)

If you are using ISPConfig on CentOS and don’t want to bother with self compiled postfix (because of MySQL support) then use CentOS Plus Repository.

What if root hint file is out of date?

Download root hint file.

VLC – quick solution for problems with HTTPS certs

Certificate could not be verified error.