How to find yesterday’s or tomorrow’s date using shell?

There are couple of different ways to perform this task using shell date command depending on used OS. I will concentrate on Ubuntu Linux, OpenBSD and FreeBSD.

Simple script to create new jail in FreeBSD

Create shell script to create image based jail in FreeBSD 7.


How to do some work in each active jail (FreeBSD7)

Execute a set of commands inside each active jail.

How to split files by size and merge them

Lets say that we have one big file and want to split it into 10M parts.

How to sort IP addresses

Use sort utility to sort IP addresses.


Scripting SPS switches

Managing SPS switches could be real fun if you use expect to automate such tasks.


How to get rid of spaces in filenames

Get rid of spaces in file/directory names.

How to downscale video for your portable device

Sometimes I need to downscale video for a portable device.


Using KDE notification area within a shell script

Using KDE notification area within a shell script gives a lot of useful possibilities as you can easily display feedback from running services, other scripts, log analyzers.

How to perform HTTP compression test

Perform HTTP compression test using curl utility.