Which Ubuntu release are you using?

The easiest way to check Ubuntu release is to use lsb_release command.

What if root hint file is out of date?

Download root hint file.

How to test regular expressions

Test regular expressions using a web-based interface.

Nginx – rewrite HTTP to HTTPS

A simple code snippet that can be used to rewrite HTTP request to HTTPS.


Nginx + WordPress + SSL

Configuration snippet for later reference.

Quick DNS check

Do you want to check DNS configuration?


How to do some work in each active jail (FreeBSD7)

Execute a set of commands inside each active jail.


ODIN – Free Disk Imager

From time to time I need to backup/restore OS on the CF card using Windows machine.

Simple script to create new jail in FreeBSD

Create shell script to create image based jail in FreeBSD 7.

How to disable autoplay in Windows XP

Disable autoplay in Windows XP.