How to enable query logging in BIND

Enable query logging in BIND.

How to sort IP addresses

Use sort utility to sort IP addresses.

How to split files by size and merge them

Lets say that we have one big file and want to split it into 10M parts.


Scripting SPS switches

Managing SPS switches could be real fun if you use expect to automate such tasks.

How to downscale video for your portable device

Sometimes I need to downscale video for a portable device.


How to get rid of spaces in filenames

Get rid of spaces in file/directory names.

HP DeskJet K209a on Arch Linux

Today I connected shiny new HP DeskJet K209a and as suspected everything works fine.
I installed just cups, hplip, and xsane.

Viridian – python based front-end for an Ampache

A couple of days ago I started using Viridian as the front-end for an Ampache and I am very pleased with it.

VLC – quick solution for problems with HTTPS certs

Certificate could not be verified error.

How to set global user name and email in git

I need to write this code down as I always forget about it.