Scripting SPS switches

Managing SPS switches could be real fun if you use expect to automate such tasks.

How to downscale video for your portable device

Sometimes I need to downscale video for a portable device.


How to get rid of spaces in filenames

Get rid of spaces in file/directory names.

HP DeskJet K209a on Arch Linux

Today I connected shiny new HP DeskJet K209a and as suspected everything works fine. I installed just cups, hplip, and xsane.

Viridian – python based front-end for an Ampache

A couple of days ago I started using Viridian as the front-end for an Ampache and I am very pleased with it.

VLC – quick solution for problems with HTTPS certs

Certificate could not be verified error.

How to set global user name and email in git

I need to write this code down as I always forget about it.

Web-based media manager that suits me best – Ampache

I was testing a couple of solutions (as I posted earlier) to find a web-based media manager that suits me best. It took four days but finally, I decided to use one.