Ruby and RMagick – Quote with Polaroid-like effect

To create a Polaroid-like effect you just need the RMagick gem and a couple of small functions.

Zen Photo and Nginx – rewrite rules

If you are searching for Nginx rewrite rules for Zen Photo then jump directly to the wiki page.

HTTPS Everywhere

Checkout HTTPS Everywhere (Firefox and Chrome extension) to automatically rewrite your requests to use HTTPS protocol.

Nginx and Gandi SSL certificate

Getting an SSL certificate from Gandi is a straightforward task.

Nginx proxy and real IP address

A simple code snippet that can be used to pass client and proxy IP addresses.

How to access CLI on Linksys SRW switch

Connect to the Linksys SRW switch using serial or SSH.


How to use ImageMagick effects with Coppermine

After getting fun with Coppermine Photo Gallery for some time, I wanted to achieve a polaroid-like effect (using ImageMagick) for thumbnails and intermediate pictures.