I write this diary reluctantly. Its dishonest honesty wearies me. For whom am I writing? If I am writing for myself, then why is it being published? If for the reader, why do I pretend that I am talking to myself? Are you talking to yourself so that others will hear you?

Diary by Witold Gombrowicz

This website is a personal blog about Linux operating system, Open Source software, and automation written by an enthusiastic DevOps engineer.

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Hello, My name is Milosz Galazka. I am pursuing new and interesting ideas for a successful company as a dedicated and enthusiastic DevOps engineer. I am excited to apply my knowledge and learn more about Linux system administration, automation, and Debian operating system.

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This website is my personal space used to share my passion and experience. Nothing less and nothing more. I do not expect any income from it, so it does not contain any advertisements or tracking.

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Use milosz AT sleeplessbeastie DOT eu email address to contact me directly.

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