Wait for service activation during Ansible playbook execution.

Most of the time I see such simple construct.

- name: Retry a task until a certain condition is met
    name: cron
    state: started

- name: Wait for service activation
    timeout: 50

Which is a time waste as it takes 50 second every time playbook is executed.

TASK [Retry a task until a certain condition is met] ********************************
changed: [localhost]

TASK [Wait for service activation] **************************************************
ok: [localhost]

A much better solution is to use until keyword to wait until a service state condition is met.

- name: Start nginx service
    name: nginx
    state: started
  register: local__service_nginx
  until: local__service_nginx.status.ActiveState == "active"
  retries: 5
  delay: 10

Now it will take less time as it will be tried up to 5 times with a delay of 10 seconds.

TASK [Start nginx service] **********************************************************
FAILED - RETRYING: Start nginx service (5 retries left).
ok: [localhost]