Install flameshot a simple to use screenshot application.

Inspect application details.

$ snap info flameshot
name:      flameshot
summary:   Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software
publisher: Jeremy Borgman (borgman-jeremy)
license:   unset
description: |
  A powerful open source screenshot and annotation tool for Linux, Flameshot
  has a varied set of markup tools available, which include Freehand drawing,
  Lines, Arrows, Boxes, Circles, Highlighting, Blur. Additionally, you can
  customise the color, size and/or thickness of many of these image annotation
  - flameshot
snap-id:      zu6wU07bp76WpXA1NZhzV0hu2UnoS63R
tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: today at 17:24 CEST
  latest/stable:    v12.1.0+git4.33f48f4a 2022-07-06 (183) 76MB -
  latest/candidate: v12.1.0+git4.33f48f4a 2022-07-06 (183) 76MB -
  latest/beta:      v12.1.0+git4.33f48f4a 2022-07-06 (183) 76MB -
  latest/edge:      v12.1.0+git4.33f48f4a 2022-07-06 (183) 76MB -
installed:          v12.1.0+git4.33f48f4a            (183) 76MB -

Install flameshot application.

$ sudo snap install flameshot
flameshot v12.1.0+git4.33f48f4a from Jeremy Borgman (borgman-jeremy) installed

It look like it uses grim to make screenshots of Wayland desktops.

Use tray icon to open the launcher or configuration window.

You can also use terminal to grab a part of the screen.

I like it.