Configure Tailscale daemon as regular user which can be beneficial on desktop machines.

Default parameters used when initiating connection to the Tailscale network does not permit regular user to alter daemon configuration.

$ sudo tailscale up
$ tailscale up
Access denied: prefs write access denied

Use 'sudo tailscale up' or 'tailscale up --operator=$USER' to not require root.

As shown in the above example, you can define regular user that will be able to alter tailscaled daemon configuration during connection phase.

$ tailscale up --operator=milosz

Alternatively, alter existing configuration.

$ sudo tailscale set --operator milosz

Change tailscaled daemon configuration as defined user.

$ sudo tailscale set --shields-up=true

You can revoke these permissions using empty username string.

$ sudo tailscale set --operator=
$ tailscale set --shields-up=false
Access denied: checkprefs access denied

Use 'sudo tailscale set --shields-up=false' or 'tailscale up --operator=$USER' to not require root.