Reset Maston password using terminal utility.

Inspect available parameters.

mastodon@mastodon:~/live$ RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/tootctl accounts modify --help
  tootctl accounts modify USERNAME

  [--remove-role], [--no-remove-role]        
  [--confirm], [--no-confirm]                
  [--enable], [--no-enable]                  
  [--disable], [--no-disable]                
  [--disable-2fa], [--no-disable-2fa]        
  [--approve], [--no-approve]                
  [--reset-password], [--no-reset-password]  

  Modify a user account.

  With the --role option, update the user's role. To remove the user's role, i.e. demote to normal user, use --remove-role.

  With the --email option, update the user's e-mail address. With the --confirm option, mark the user's e-mail as confirmed.

  With the --disable option, lock the user out of their account. The --enable option is the opposite.

  With the --approve option, the account will be approved, if it was previously not due to not having open registrations.

  With the --disable-2fa option, the two-factor authentication requirement for the user can be removed.

  With the --reset-password option, the user's password is replaced by a randomly-generated one, printed in the output.

Reset user password.

mastodon@mastodon:~/live$ RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/tootctl  accounts modify --reset-password user
New password: fd9fd5c9e047139e120a378e8b942a03