Generate QR code to access the Wi-Fi network.


At first read about Wi-Fi Network config (Android, iOS 11+) format.

The format is pretty simple, the connection string for HomeNetwork with HomePassword password will look like this.


Remember to use backslash () to escape special characters like \, ;, ,, " and :.

Generate QR Code

You will need Qrencode utility to create QR Code.

$ sudo apt install qrencode

Encode Wi-Fi connection string into a QR Code.

$ qrencode --output QRCode-wifi-HomeNetwork.png \
           --type PNG \
           --size 10 \
           --level L \

Encode Wi-Fi connection string into a QR Code using reversed colors and increased correction level.

$ qrencode --output QRCode-wifi-HomeNetwork-dark.png \
           --type PNG \
           --size 10 \
           --level Q \
           --foreground=ffffff \
           --background=000000 \

Adjust the parameters to your liking.