Use FUSE (filesystem in userspace) to access rdiff-backup repository.

Install rdiff-backup-fs package.

$ sudo apt install rdiff-backup-fs

Mount ~milosz/backup/ansible rdiff-backup repository to ~milosz/fuse directory.

$ rdiff-backup-fs ~milosz/fuse ~milosz/backup/ansible

Display incremental backups in the repository.

$ ls ~milosz/fuse/
2020-08-30T21:07:35  2020-08-31T22:23:04

List files in the specific backup.

You can perform regular filesystem operations using FUSE to get all information you need.
$ ls fs/2020-08-30T21\:07\:35/
inventory  playbooks  roles  tests  vagrant  ansible.cfg  ansible.log

List mounted rdiff-backup-fs userspace filesystems.

$ mount -t fuse.rdiff-backup-fs
rdiff-backup-fs on /home/milosz/Projekty/fuse type fuse.rdiff-backup-fs (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=1000,group_id=1000)

Umount FUSE filesystem.

$ umount ~milosz/fuse/

Please read how to perform an incremental backup using rdiff-backup blog post for more details.