How to install JetBrains using snap packages

I am using PyCharm and GoLand, both of these applications are available as snap packages.

List JetBrains snaps.

$ snap search jetbrains
Name                     Version   Publisher   Notes    Summary
rubymine                 2019.2    jetbrains*  classic  The Most Intelligent Ruby and Rails IDE
pycharm-educational      2019.2    jetbrains*  classic  Easy and Professional Tool to Learn & Teach Programming with Python
pycharm-community        2019.2    jetbrains*  classic  Python IDE for Professional Developers
pycharm-professional     2019.2    jetbrains*  classic  Python IDE for Professional Developers
datagrip                 2019.2.2  jetbrains*  classic  IntelliJ-based IDE for databases and SQL
phpstorm                 2019.2    jetbrains*  classic  PHP IDE for Professional Development
rider                    2019.2    jetbrains*  classic  A fast & powerful cross-platform .NET IDE
intellij-idea-community  2019.2    jetbrains*  classic  Capable & Ergonomic Java IDE
goland                   2019.2    jetbrains*  classic  A Clever IDE to Go

Search for specific snap.

$ snap search goland
Name    Version  Publisher   Notes    Summary
goland  2019.2   jetbrains✓  classic  A Clever IDE to Go

Install specific snap.

$ sudo snap install goland --classic
goland 2019.2 from jetbrains✓ installed

List installed snaps.

$ snap list
Name                  Version                     Rev   Tracking  Publisher     Notes
atom                  1.40.0                      236   stable    snapcrafters  classic
bitwarden             1.15.2                      19    stable    bitwarden*    -
core                  16-2.40                     7396  stable    canonical*    core
core18                20190723                    1074  stable    canonical*    base
gnome-3-26-1604             90    stable/…  canonical*    -
gnome-3-28-1804       3.28.0-10-gaa70833.aa70833  71    stable    canonical*    -
gnome-calculator      3.32.1                      406   stable/…  canonical*    -
gnome-characters      v3.32.1+git2.3367201        296   stable/…  canonical*    -
gnome-logs            3.32.0-4-ge8f3f37ca8        61    stable/…  canonical*    -
gnome-system-monitor  3.32.1-3-g0ea89b4922        100   stable/…  canonical*    -
goland                2019.2                      63    stable    jetbrains*    classic
gtk-common-themes     0.1-22-gab0a26b             1313  stable    canonical*    -
kubectl               1.15.2                      1139  stable    canonical*    classic
minikube              0.8.0                       4     stable    cmars         -
pycharm-professional  2019.2.1                    150   edge      jetbrains*    classic
qownnotes             19.8.6                      2587  stable    pbek          -
spotify          36    stable    spotify*      -

List system changes performed recently.

$ snap  changes
ID   Status  Spawn                    Ready                    Summary
134  Done    yesterday at 12:13 CEST  yesterday at 12:14 CEST  Auto-refresh snap "pycharm-professional"
135  Done    yesterday at 20:48 CEST  yesterday at 20:49 CEST  Auto-refresh snap "qownnotes"

Additional notes