Store LeaseWeb data traffic in OpenTSDB time series database using Python script, LeaseWeb API v2 and Python client to OpenTSDB.

OpenTSDB - LeaseWeb data traffic

OpenTSDB – LeaseWeb data traffic


I will use Python3 and basic Python modules and potsdb package, which can be installed using pip3 a Python package installer.

LeaseWeb API is disabled by default, enable it using Customer Portal then add your IP address to the IP Whitelist for security reasons.

Python script

Use the following script to display and print information gathered using LeaseWeb API.

Use api_keys variable to define each location and assigned API key.

# Log LeaseWeb data traffic to OpenTSDB

# http
import http.client

# json
import json

# opentsdb
import potsdb

# date
import datetime

# define api keys
api_keys={"NL":"8517f379-aa60-5c1e-53ef-55203cab8c81d", "DE":"c406d92f-3603-f477-6086-7e3a1953ba2dc", "US":"16986a34-4148-7141-142f-b9c998f8ca878", "SG": "a12da181-029e-7a5f-cf8e-c3c70ea717db1"}

# opentsdb server/port

# current datetime
current_datetime = datetime.datetime.utcnow()

for key in api_keys:
    # get server list
    https_connection = http.client.HTTPSConnection("")
    https_headers = { 'x-lsw-auth': api_keys[key]}
    https_connection.request("GET", "/bareMetals/v2/servers", headers=https_headers)
    https_response = https_connection.getresponse()

    https_data =
    json_servers = json.loads(https_data.decode("utf-8"))

    # connect to opentsdb
    metrics = potsdb.Client(opentsdb_server, port=opentsdb_port,check_host=False)

  if not 'servers' in json_servers:
    print('LeaseWeb', key, 'returned no data')

  # for each server
  for bareMetal in json_servers['servers']:
      # get id and name
      bareMetalId = bareMetal['id']
      serverName  = bareMetal['contract']['internalReference']

      # get datatraffic
      https_connection.request('GET', '/bareMetals/v2/servers/' + bareMetalId + '/metrics/datatraffic?from=' + str(current_datetime.year) + '-' + str(current_datetime.month).rjust(2,'0') + '-' + '01' + 'T00:00:00Z' + '&to=' + str(current_datetime.year) + '-' + str(current_datetime.month).rjust(2,'0') + '-' + str( + 'T' + str(current_datetime.hour).rjust(2,'0')+':00:00Z&aggregation=SUM', headers=https_headers)
      https_response = https_connection.getresponse()
      https_data =

      # load json
      json_datatraffic = json.loads(https_data.decode("utf-8"))

      # calculate total datatrraffic
      datatraffic=int(json_datatraffic['metrics']['DOWN_PUBLIC']['values'][0]['value']) + int(json_datatraffic['metrics']['UP_PUBLIC']['values'][0]['value'])

      # push to opentsdb
      metrics.log(opentsdb_metric_name,datatraffic, **{opentsdb_metric_tag: serverName})

  # on exit

The above graph is showing the following data.

LeaseWeb DE
 * PQJR001
   This month data traffic on public interface: 
     4.59 GB in 1.52 GB out 6.11 GB total
 * PQJR002
   This month data traffic on public interface: 
     9.58 GB in 20.63 GB out 30.2 GB total

Check out how to display LeaseWeb data traffic using API v2 blog post to display data traffic using similar format.

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