It is hard to keep up to date password database when you need to access it on devices made by different manufacturers.
so I will show you how to synchronize passwords between the devices we use everyday.

I am using KeePassX as long as I can remember.
It is excellent application, but it is not possible to use it on every owned device.
That is why I am currently using it along with KeeWeb
as I can enjoy the same experience on macOS, iOS and and different flavors of Linux.

KeeWeb - Open file

KeeWeb can open encrypted password files from your computer, WebDav, DropBox, GoogleDrive or even OneDrive.

KeeWeb - Password entry

It is fully compatible with KeePass password database format, provides ability to open multiple files at the same time and easily switch between these using bottom list.

KeeWeb - Settings

Application provides several nice-looking themes out of the box and supports multiple languages

It is available in two slightly different versions. Web-based, just a single HTML file, so you can always host it yourself and more featured desktop version which provides auto-type functionality.