I enjoy using Newsbeuter RSS reader, so I quickly generated simple theme using my favorite colors.
I will share it with you and strongly encourage to create your own theme as the whole process is quite fun and satisfying.

Newsbeuter - messages

Newsbeuter - message

Store the following configuration using .newsbeuter/config configuration file.

# colors
color background           color255 color0
color listnormal           color255 color0
color listfocus            color255 color88 bold
color listnormal_unread    color255 color0 bold
color listfocus_unread     color255 color88 bold
color info                 color255 color31
color article              color255 color0
# highlights
highlight article "^(Feed|Title|Link|Date|Author):.*$" color31 color0
highlight article "https?://[^ ]+" color9 color0 protect

Enjoy the blue color in user interface.