Today, quite by chance I found out that I can read Tiny Tiny RSS news using newsbeuter feed reader for text terminals. It is great news, as I can leave it running inside tmux session to access it remotely.


Create ~/.newsbeuter/config configuration file to provide access information to the Tiny Tiny RSS installation and define mapping to the “star” and “publish” operations.

# Tiny Tiny RSS access information
urls-source     "ttrss"
ttrss-url       "http://localhost/tt-rss/"
ttrss-login     "username"
ttrss-password  "password"
# star/publish entry
ttrss-flag-star    "s"
ttrss-flag-publish "p"


Start newsbeuter, then use r to reload single feed or R to reload all of them.

Press ^E s to star article and ^E p to publish it.

Read newsbeuter documentation for further information.