I have already bought several of point and click adventure games using Adventure Game Studio engine. Current GOG.com versions are prepared to work on
Ubuntu 14.04 and Mint 17. I am using more recent Ubuntu 15.04, so the above-mentioned game engine needs to compiled beforehand.


Installation process is described in detail at GitHub – AGS editor and engine source code page.

Install required development packages.

$ sudo apt-get install git debhelper build-essential pkg-config libaldmb1-dev libfreetype6-dev libtheora-dev libvorbis-dev libogg-dev

Clone git repository.

$ git clone git://github.com/adventuregamestudio/ags.git

Change working directory.

$ cd ags

Build software package.

ags$ fakeroot debian/rules binary

Install created ags package.

ags$ ls ../*.deb
ags$ sudo dpkg -i ../ags-dbg_3.3.4.2_amd64.deb


Use the following command to start downloaded game. At a minimum, you have to provide a path to the extracted game.

$ ags --gfxfilter Hq3x --windowed /home/milosz/Games/Primordia/game/

There is no manual page, but available options can be quickly printed out.

$ ags --help
AGS: Adventure Game Studio v3.3 Interpreter
Copyright (c) 1999-2011 Chris Jones and 2011-2015 others
ACI version
  --windowed                   Force display mode to windowed
  --fullscreen                 Force display mode to fullscreen
  --hicolor                    Downmix 32bit colors to 16bit
  --letterbox                  Enable letterbox mode
  --gfxfilter <filter>         Enable graphics filter. Available options:
                                 StdScale2, StdScale3, StdScale4, Hq2x or Hq3x
  --log                        Enable program output to the log file
  --no-log                     Disable program output to the log file,
                                 overriding configuration file setting
  --help                       Print this help message
Gamefile options:
  /dir/path/game/              Launch the game in specified directory
  /dir/path/game/penguin.exe   Launch penguin.exe
  [nothing]                    Launch the game in the current directory

Supported games

There are many great games using an Adventure Game Studio engine including:

  • Blackwell Convergence
  • Blackwell Deception
  • Blackwell Epiphany
  • Blackwell Unbound
  • Gemini Rue
  • Primordia
  • Resonance

These games runs fine, although I have encountered some problems with Resonance, which I haven’t pursued yet.

GOG support was kind enough to provide the following Wikipedia – Games created using AGS link.