I am using Dokuwiki almost every day, as I love writing documentation and organizing knowledge. Due to this, I have created a list of plugins I cannot live without.

Table of contents


It is not a plugin, but it is the first thing I configure to my preferences.

You can change the sidebar page name in configuration settings.

Disable cache using ~~NOCACHE~~ macro to properly highlight the current page in the sidebar.

Upgrade plugin

Upgrade plugin by Andreas Gohr provides a seamless way to upgrade the DokuWiki instance using the admin interface.

Do not forget to perform regular backups.

BlockQuote plugin

BlockQuote plugin by Anika Henke and Gina Häußge provides a semantically correct way to write quotations.

Color plugin

Color plugin by Christopher Smith makes it possible to use colorful text.

Encrypted Passwords plugin

Encrypted Passwords plugin by Wolfgang Reszel provides an easy way to store 256 bit AES encrypted data in DokuWiki pages.

It uses the Gibberish AES JavaScript library, which is fully OpenSSL compliant.

Encryption example

You can encrypt data outside of the DokuWiki instance.

$ echo "https://www.dokuwiki.org/donate" | \
  openssl enc -e -aes-256-cbc -a -k encryptionPassword

Decryption example

You can decrypt data outside of the DokuWiki instance.

$ echo -e "U2FsdGVkX18vfWrfjf4wCCcxU+qXjCR2Jw/V1YgTJ2d+ohB/JQsFpXM/AG2apAiD\nLUYn0EudZEXQUf8fY1UUiA==" | \
  openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -a -k encryptionPassword

Dokubookmark plugin

Dokubookmark plugin by Robin Gareus offers an easy way to submit new pages to DokuWiki using JavaScript bookmarklet.

In combination with nspages it is an ideal solution to create your own web scrapbook, and I mean it.


The bookmarklet does not leave much space for customization, but it works flawlessly.

nspages plugin

nspages plugin by Guillaume Turri presents a list of pages in the current namespace.

I am using it to access pages created using mentioned earlier Dokubookmark plugin (scrapbook) and Bureaucracy plugin (journal).

You can use pagelist plugin by Matthias Schulte and Michael Hamann as an alternative solution.

Tag plugin

tag plugin by Michael Hamann, Gina Häußge, and Michael Klier allows you to assign tags to pages, which is quite handy when organizing data.

Bureaucracy Plugin

Bureaucracy plugin by Andreas Gohr provides an easy way to use forms to create pages.

It can be used to write a journal using a predefined template.

I am using it in conjunction with pagemod plugin by Baseline IT to store rarely modified but often accessed bookmarks.

Interesting DokuWiki plugins

Other interesting plugins are on my watchlist.

  • calendoku plugin by Julian Fagir provides calendaring functionality
  • note plugin by Olivier Cortes, and Aurélien Bompard provides colorful notes.
  • Structured Data plugin by Andreas Gohr provides a way to query and use structured data inside the wiki.