I have recovered old backup only to learn that I do not remember password to the found archive. As a result, I checked out two command-line applications to crack passwords used to encrypt zip, 7z or rar archives.


FCrackZip by Marc Lehmann is a free and fast zip and 7-zip password cracker.


Install application using the following command.

$ sudo apt-get install fcrackzip


Crack password using dictionary stored in pwddict file, verify and print it.

$ fcrackzip -D -p pwddict -u archive.zip

Crack at least four characters long password using brute force, which is default mode, verify and print it.

$ fcrackzip -l4 -u archive.zip

Crack two to nine characters long password containing only lowercase characters and digits, verify and print it.

$ fcrackzip -l2-9 -c a1 -u archive.zip

Crack five characters long password starting from aswaq, display progress, verify and print found solution.

$ fcrackzip -p aswaq -u -v archive.zip


This application is currently not longer maintained, but you can find forked and slightly updated source code at github.

Please read manual page as it is provided within package.

$ man fcrackzip


RarCrack by David Zoltan Kedves is a
simple brute force zip, 7-zip and rar password cracker.


Install application using the following command.

$ sudo apt-get install rarcrack


Crack password to rar archive.

$ rarcrack --type rar archive.rar

Crack password to zip archive using four threads.

$ rarcrack --type zip --threads 4 archive.rar


This application does not provide manual page, but its usage is dead simple.

$ rarcrack --help
RarCrack! 0.2 by David Zoltan Kedves (kedazo@gmail.com)
Usage:   rarcrack encrypted_archive.ext [--threads NUM] [--type rar|zip|7z]
Options: --help: show this screen.
         --type: you can specify the archive program, this needed when
                 the program couldn't detect the proper file type
         --threads: you can specify how many threads
                    will be run, maximum 12 (default: 2)
Info:    This program supports only RAR, ZIP and 7Z encrypted archives.
         RarCrack! usually detects the archive type.

Use wheezy-backports repository in case you need package for wheezy.

Please notice that this application is not longer maintained.

Additional notes

Your are not limited to above-mentioned applications as you can use more specialized solutions like PkCrack which uses a known plain-text attack.