I have been using Tiny Tiny RSS for more than a one and a half year.
It is great and pleasant to use web-based application, but currently I am more inclined to use console-based based replacement like Newsbeuter RSS reader.

The first thing I had noticed is that it supports OPML import, so the transition process went quite smooth.

Remove Tiny Tiny RSS preferences from the OPML file if you receive Segmentation fault error during import process.

Application uses fairly familiar ncurses-based user interface.

Use ~/.newsbeuter/urls file to add, tag and name RSS feeds.

Entries can be easily searched, read, exported and bookmarked. Detailed information can be found in The Newsbeuter RSS Feedreader documentation.

You can use newsbeuter -x reload command to fetch new articles when the application is closed.

Application is quite complex as it provides many advanced features. You can define configuration commands, notifications, key bindings and macros using ~/.newsbeuter/config configuration file.