End of the year is the best time to reinstall operating system and change encryption keys due to couple of additional free days at home so today I will shortly present my setup.

Due to encrypted LVM setup I am using SLiM login manager with auto-login feature enabled, and XScreenSaver to lock the screen immediately.

I am using OpenBox window manager, light-weight Conky system monitor, and Dark Debian wallpaper.

As you see I am using only basic system utilities without distracting icons, unnecessary messages – wpa_supplicant for wireless network management, xrandr for external LCD configuration, except for Bluetooth devices management as I am using handy Blueman utility.

My basic application list include Thunar, Terminator, Virtualbox, Sublime Text, gVim, Artha, Iceweasel, Icedove, Irssi, uGet, pgAdmin, Calibre, LibreOffice, VideoLAN, Geeqie, Gimp, KeePassX, and Freemind.

There are couple of things that I need to work on but I am happy as I mostly use it for web browsing, virtualization, and SSH.