Sometimes I need to explicitly indicate execution of specified shell script or just action taken inside it. My favorite way is to use
advanced pc-speaker beeper, which is directly available in Debian repository.


To install the package execute the following command.

$ sudo apt-get install beep


Now you can utilize beep command as you can imagine it. I will shortly describe basic usage so you can quickly catch up and use it to indicate defined states, actions or errors.

Beep using specified Hz in range of 0 to 20000.

$ beep -f 500

Beep for specified period of time (defined in milliseconds).

$ beep -f 500 -l 700

Repeat beep multiple times.

$ beep -f 500 -l 200 -r 3

Beep multiple times using different settings.

$ beep -f 500 -l 200 -n -f 600 -l 200 -n -f 700 -l 200 -n -f 600 -l 200

Beep after each new line.

$ sudo tail -n 0 -f /var/log/messages | beep -s


Detailed description including potential issues, useful examples and frequency table can be found in the manual page.

$ man beep