Yesterday I added a few mail aliases using Kolab admin interface and went to sleep. Today I noticed high CPU usage and quickly found that there is a small problem with pykolab 0.5.11-5 package.


This problem is already described [Bug 1560 – High CPU load and disk usage] and fixed in pykolab 0.5.12 package which is available for people using development component (see Installation with APT Packages).

I do not want to switch from release to development so if you have the same problem then look at the commands below to download and install newer version of the pykolab package.

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i pykolab_0.5.12_as_0.5.11.deb

This package version is 0.5.12-1 but it will report 0.5.11-5 – I changed it because the installation of pykloab 0.5.12-1 will break Kolab dependencies (packages wallace, kolab-xml, kolab-server, kolab-saslauthd, kolab-conf, kolab-cli depends exactly on pykolab 0.5.11-5).

Remember to not overwrite Kolab configuration file.